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Talented and famous musician in the web

Many Number #1 positions + song awards

Radio and video plays in the US and around globe


Akademia Executive Award

Riku Turpeinen – Akademia Artist Kit

Here is my gig schedule

17.1.2019 Riku joins Skype Seminar to Scotland & New York 04:00pm Finnish Time

23.1.2019 Music Beyond All Borders meeting, Riku plays 3 songs 05:00pm (Malmitalo, Helsinki)

7.2.2019 Happi clock 5:30pm Finnish Time (Sörnäisten rantatie 31, Helsinki)

21.3.2019 Event ”No Labels No Walls” meeting Riku performing two songs (Malmi, Helsinki)

23.9.2019 ”No Labels No Walls” Festival, Riku performing. More info soon!

24.9.2019 Concert Riku Turpeinen (Los Hermos Band big farewell gig) at Malmitalo, Helsinki. Free entry. Starts 06:00pm Finnish Time.

11.12.2019 MBR Funeral GIG in Alakulttuurikeskus Loukko (Riku Turpeinen at Open Stage)

12.12.2019 GIG in On The Rocks (Riku and The Night Visions and Los Hermos Band)

15.12.2019 GIG in Seurasaari, Helsinki. Afternoon. (Troubadour Riku Turpeinen)

15.1.2020 Street gig in Kaisaniemi Metro Hall (Troubadour Riku Turpeinen)

11.2.2020 Troubadour GIG in Helsinki Clubhouse (SuperGreat GIG)

13.2.2020 Troubadour GIG in Propellipäät, Mokailupäivä

26.2.2020 Riku’s Workshop in Kukunori ry, Malmi (No Labels, No Walls) 05:00pm Local Finnish Time

Troubadour GIG in Helsinki Clubhouse (Members & staff only)

From Autumn to Christmas Riku also acting on Taiteen Sulattamo new project

Riku working for the No Labels No Walls festival

Riku writing the scifi book and book about his career


20 Los Hermos Band – Heavenly Notes

19 Los Hermos Beat Band – Hearts in the Nightsky

18 Los Hermos Band – Gotta Say or Do

17 Los Hermos Band – Winter Coming

16 Riku Turpeinen – By the Fire

15 Riku Turpeinen – Sambalele

14 Glamrose Fire – Loveland Forever

13 Los Hermos Band – I’m Stuck

12 Glamrose Fire – Nobody Taking Me Away

11 Riku Turpeinen – Miracles Beside Me

10 Los Hermos Band – Rocker’s Paradise

09 Riku Turpeinen – I’ve Got The Wind

08 Los Hermos Band – Lite Up My Life

07 Los Hermos Band – Uptown Heroes

06 Los Hermos Band – Studio Life

05 Los Hermos Band – The Night Is Here

04 Riku and The Night Visions – Loveland

03 Los Hermos Beat Band – Never Missing A Kiss

02 Los Hermos Band – Anyway You Want

01 Riku Turpeinen – Best of The Best